By Luke Knipe
Arizona Daily Wildcat
May 5, 1998

Columnist's rants 'comforting'

To the Editor:

Bravo Rachel Alexander. It is comforting, if for no other reason than that diversity is important in academic culture, to know that somebody out there is willing to take an unwavering public stand on moral and political issues. Even an embarrassing one. This week, Alexander has stepped outside her familiar, odorous, Republican cat-box of political rants to tell us that the media isn't nice to members of the religious right.

Well, no wonder. The media's opponents of the religious right depend on people like Alexander. She's like Pat Robertson with a writing deficiency. She knows her party line (Symington's innocent, Clinton's guilty, guns are wonderful, evolution is fiction), and better yet, she writes sentences like "Dr. Ruth Westheimer may speak about how to have good sex at a school graduation, but..." (she probably meant that Dr. Ruth may speak at a school graduation about how to have good sex, but we get the point). Keep writing, Rachel, and I'll promise not to laugh, and not to have sex at your graduation.

Luke Knipe
Biochemistry Freshman


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