By James Van Olphen
Arizona Daily Wildcat
May 5, 1998

Institution of whiners

To the Editor:

Is it me, or are people here at the university just plain cranky? On any given day, one can open the Wildcat and hear people whine more than a two-year-old at K-Mart! "Nike uses slave labor," "the university gave out my social security number," "the cartoons in the Wildcat are bad," "Pagans aren't evil," "there's semen in my moisturizer," "affirmative action..." Blah, Blah Blah!! Listen up people! Those slaves at Nike make good shoes, Likins can do what ever he wants with my social security number, the cartoons in the Wildcat ARE bad! And Pagans ARE freaks. That settles it. Now let's all move on with our lives! Life isn't fair. Boo Hoo! If you don't like the university then get out; if you hate Nike, then don't buy their shoes; if the comics in the Wildcat aren't funny, then don't read them! Perhaps if the liberal vegetarian "lets all live in harmony and smoke a bowl" fringe left campus, then we all could live in harmony!

Life is too short to be yammering on like a freak. Hell, I'm whining about people who whine!

James Van Olphen
Media Arts Junior


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