Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 15, 1997

A step in the right direction

Too often administrators and managers operate in a vacuum that allows them to ignore the very public they've been hired to serve. But sometimes, you might actually think they listen.

The management of The Memorial Student Union has taken steps to make it's food-by-the-ounce pricing scheme more fair.

The Fiddlee Fig now has a scale and sample plates to help customers establish what they are going to pay before they get to the cashier. And David Galbraith, director of dining services, said that more deli scales are on the way.

It's good sign. A sign that Union management will acknowledge legitimate complaints. It's important that the Union management continue to be receptive to the comments of the community, particularly as plans for renovation pick up speed.

It remains to be seen whether these scales and samples will overcome the inherent unfairness of the scheme. If the scales are not effective, the food-by-the ounce ought to be abandoned.

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