Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 15, 1997

Pigskin parking

Thinking of putting in a little time at the library before it closes for a Wildcats home football game?

Thinking you're coming to campus early enough to get in and out before pay parking becomes an issue?

Think again.

As Marlis Davis, director of parking and transportation services, once said, "No one gets anything for free."

In yet another effort to suck every last dollar out of every last person who comes to campus, you must pay five dollars from before 9 in the morning to park in a campus garage.

People who come to campus to do something other than watch a football game, get hit with this ridiculous charge. These are people who come to campus on weekends to study, to work, to take a morning jog.

A lot of them are probably going to leave long before the space becomes premium.

Certainly, it flies in the face of logic that enough people are willing to park at 9 a.m. in order to park in a garage for free when the game doesn't start for nearly 12 hours.

And if so, let them, for the sake of the people not interested in the pigskin.

Free weekend parking is one of the last great deals on a campus devoted to findng new ways of digging into your pocketbook.

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