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By Bryon Wells
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 10, 1997

Banners connect UA with community

The King has been spotted in front of Boston Market at East Speedway Boulevard and North Campbell Avenue.

Well, not really, but somebody thought enough about Elvis Presley to buy a banner with his name as part of the UA Alumni Association's summer banner drive.

The banner campaign, which commemorates the University of Arizona Alumni Association's 100th anniversary, consists of almost 90 laminated canvas hangings along Speedway Boulevard from North Park Avenue to North Tucson Boulevard.

Some also hang on Campbell Avenue from Speedway Boulevard to East Sixth Street.

The $200 banners help in community outreach, said Lisa Roubal, an Alumni Association assistant director.

"Alumni are the guardians of tradition and heritage at the University of Arizona," she said. "The banner campaign will increase awareness of the association to the community."

Roubal said UA alumni and alumni clubs around the country have raised money for the university and campus activities.

Alumni Association Director Kent Rollins added the drive is significant because alumni are the most permanent segment of the institution.

"Buildings will come and go, but there will always be alumni," he said.

Roubal said only alumni, student organizations and UA departments were eligible to buy the banners during the spring and summer drive.

Some names on the banners include:

"Pat and Pete Likins"

"Los Angeles Alumni Club"

"U of A Black Alumni"

"Arizona Daily Wildcat"

The College of Education, College of Fine Arts and several other university colleges are also represented.

The banners were actually hung on the street lamp posts during the first two weeks of September.

Roubal said the Alumni Association made no money from the banners, the $200 price tag covered production costs only.

The banner campaign was Roubal's idea, and the initial goal was to sell 50, she said.

According to Bill Reeves of the Alumni Association, the UA alumnus from Phoenix who put The King on the Boston Market banner wished to remain anonymous.

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