By Christos Economides
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 13, 1997

Abortion is not political


This regards Miss Erin Kirsten Stein's commentary concerning 'Women and Politics'.

I just want to comment on this article since it is the reason for opening (yet again) a hotly debated issue without any particular reason. First of all abortion is not politics! Abortion is indeed connected to politics, but by no means do politics revolve around abortion (only). Secondly it is a fact that the "ohmigod! Did you SEE that cute guy?!" mentality does prevail on the UA campus as can be evidenced by the level of maturity exhibited by the majority of UA women. Warning: Here COME the gross generalizations. Surely a minute handful of UA women are the least bit interested in such uninteresting and worthless-of-their precious time topics such as politics.

But for most, this would be the exception rather than the norm. Instead, it would appear that the LAST thing on most women's minds is politics, and I sincerely believe that most women would gladly admit to that being that case. To say that a woman's stand on the abortion issue makes her a player in the politics game is simply wrong. I'm not arguing the validity of women and their place in politics. I for one, am in favor of seeing more women in politics, and do hope to see a change in the future.

Christos Economides
Civil engineering junior


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