By Dana Hilz
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 13, 1997

Column sheds light on 'society's disrespect for life'


On October 7, I was pleasantly surprised to open up the Wildcat and find Jennifer McKean's commentary "Abortion Abused as a Means of Contraception." She heralded society's disrespect for life and brought to light the shocking reasons why so many abortions are performed. Abortion is no different from child abuse or the recent case of the teenager who gave birth in a bathroom stall at the prom and murdered her newborn baby. Why is society horrified by these acts but fails to be repulsed by the thousands of abortions daily performed in their own country? In all three situations, innocent children with no voices are being destroyed.

By carrying us for nine months and giving birth, our mothers allowed us to come into the world. We do not have the right to strip the gift of life from our own children. All life is precious and priceless. Beauty, wonder, variability, and complexity accompany life from the very beginning and at all stages.

Dana Hilz
Physiological Sciences senior


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