By William Abraham
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 13, 1997

KAMP needs merger with Student Publications


Thank you for Monday's article about KAMP. The station is indeed in embarrassingly sad shape. I have a show from noon till two on Saturdays on KAMP, and in ten broadcasting hours have not received a single call from listeners, despite my efforts to give out the request number every ten minutes.

I know that this is because no one can hear the station unless they're located within spitting distance of the antenna. I can't even pick it up from my third-story dorm room in Graham-Greenlee, so I doubt that many others can tune in. This fact doesn't spoil my show too badly, it just gives me confidence that if I mess up, no one will hear.

I look forward to getting a new antenna and frequency. This will be a big step for KAMP. It has such potential for being the students' voice, yet technology holds it back. The fact that it will soon be broadcasting throughout the Memorial Student Union will be a step in the right direction. It will enable the UA population to hear the great mix of music and talk that we broadcast commercial-free.

I also look forward to the joining with the Department of Student Publications. Currently KAMP must acquire all of its news and sports information from newspapers and the World Wide Web. Having access to the AP wires and more money will greatly improve KAMP's quality and encourage more people to tune in to 1570 AM.

William Abraham
Business freshman


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