By Nate Goldwater
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 17, 1997

Intramural sports deserve attention


This letter is addressed to Daily Wildcat Sports:

Where the Hell is the Intramural Sports coverage? I have gone to this school since 1993, and in the time, I cannot remember more than a couple of articles concerning Intramurals - none since 1994. I do not mean to take anything away from the several hundred student-athletes who play on the Intercollegiate Athletics and Sport Club teams for the U, but why not also show some recognition for the several THOUSAND students, faculty, and staff who play Intramurals? I realize that it is very exciting to read several articles about the basketball team's Championship rings, and learn how they're made of gold, with so many diamonds and such, but just because my football team is playing for a T-shirt made from cotton, does that make our championship any less real? Not meaning to take anything away from the ICA (I know our athletes bust their asses to play here), but I wonder just how successful their teams would be if they were comprised of players who don't get to pick their classes before everyone else, who don't have free tutors at their beck and call, who have to wait in line at the Rec Center to work out like everyone else, and who don't have to juggle their play schedule with their job schedule.

Thank you.

Nate Goldwater
Media Arts Senior


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