By Dave Heacock
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 17, 1997

Save the Mall for the students


The first plan was stupid. The new one is astounding! Prior to construction of the main library, the plan was to put it in the middle of the Mall. It was only student protest that moved it to its present location and saved the view for which this campus is admired.

Now the plan is to tear up the same section of the Mall for two years to build oubliette as a welcome for the new freshman class. Perhaps a solution would be to put it in the lawn area north of the McKale Center instead and preserve the Mall.

Oops! It seems the athletes need new Place to build muscle and show off their trophies. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for history and enjoy a good display of the life of this university. But have you seen the current weight room facilities in the McKale Center? It's 7,900-square-feet of mindboggling equipment! To say it is not enough, that other schools have much larger (and therefore better) facilities - well, it begs an invitation to another stereotyped male comparison.

So, here is my vote. Give the new students a place where they can enjoy the scenery as they learn; require tailgate partiers to get drunk someplace else; and help our athletes develop pride in themselves, not the size of their "facility."

Dave Heacock


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