By Bob Wrenn
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 17, 1997

Column on organ donation misses the point


Ingrid Burger's commentary on prisoners being allowed the same rights as others I have no problem with. We should all have equal opportunity to health and educational benefits regardless of any categorical description laid down on us by others. The issue of there not being enough organs, corneas, tissues, skin, bones available for transplantation is a major

part of this equation. And, a major solution to this problem is not to sign a donor card which may or may not be available when organ donation is ready but, rather, that the next of kin be aware of what the patient wanted to donate. It is at this juncture that many times relatives don't know what the patient wanted done with his or her organs and tissues and is likely to say, "No" when the donor card, back on the dresser drawer or in a wallet not available or not looked at says, "Yes, I want to donate." Tell your loved ones what you want as they are the ones who will ultimately make the decision.

Bob Wrenn
Professor of Psychology


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