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Arizona Daily Wildcat
August 28, 1997

What Likins Likes


Arizona Daily Wildcat

Do you ever wonder just what people are thinking? Wonder what they're like, what they play on their turntables.

People make the world go 'round, don't you know.

With that in mind, we caught up with new UA president Peter Likins vie e-mail this week to find out a little more about him. You know, the important stuff.

So without further ado, Ground Zero presents a few of Peter Likins favorite things:

Movie: "Schindler's List," which is a powerful dramatization of Tom Keneally's significant treatment of an important subject.

Book: Cider House Rules, by John Irving (or almost anything else by John Irving, who brings a creative imagination to the portrayal of humanbeings in extraordinary circumstances, and thereby reveals a deepunderstanding of normal people in ordinary circumstances.)

TV show: "M.A.S.H," which used wry humor to expose the absurdities of war.

Recording: I most enjoy my CD, The Best of Jim Croce, with such classics as "Leroy Brown."

Pro Sports Team: I spend so much time with college sports that I have little time for the pros, but I do admire the teams that can never be counted out, and the Denver Broncos with John Elway epitomize this category.

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