By Jennifer Mattix
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 18, 1997

Tap alumni to fund Union


Envision it: Administration actually working to find an alternative to the proposed Student Union fee.

Considering that we are a "top research facility" and that alumni are willing to donate huge chunks of money to the U of A, has the administration thought about actually lobbying some of those lucky graduates? My guess is no, since charging the students is that much easier.

This referendum will not pass as long as juniors and seniors will have to pay a "small" fee of $80 per year for renovations they will never see. And, Mr. Likins, $80 may not be much to you, with a large salary and "company" car, but for some of us it is the difference between eating this month and not. I urge students to find their voice while we still have one on this issue. Vote "no" on this referendum.

Jennifer Mattix
Political Science Senior


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