By Robert J. Bujarski
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 18, 1997

Students will reap benefits of fee


I am writing you to express my concerns about the upcoming referendum vote. I am a UA alum and hope to return soon to attend law school, at which time I, too, will incur the $40 fee to help renovate the Student Union. The support by students of this referendum is very important. While the fee will cost only as much as one or two nights out a semester for a student, its effect will be far reaching in benefits. It will create a better atmosphere at the U of A and improve the overall educational experience, as has the Student Recreation Center, which would not exist today if not for the support of the student body. Some costs for these projects necessarily fall on the students, but it is the student ultimately who will benefit the most. In comparing the cost of an education at our university with other state universities, the U of A is a tremendous value. The added cost to improve the Union will only add to this great value.

Robert J. Bujarski
Concerned alum and returning student


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