By Kathy Snowden
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 19, 1997

Say 'no' to fee


I'm really concerned about the possibility that a yes vote for the $40 fee is tantamount to voting "yes" on food service privatization (meaning that an outside company would come in and run food service, like Marriott or Aramark, as examples). There are an awful lot of employees at this Union in food service who would be looking for jobs (Dan Adams isn't one of them, and didn't Mr. Adams privatize the last Union he was in charge of? And strictly speaking, I'm not impressed with the double talk about where the money came from to purchase those 20 "VOTE YES" signs). Added to the massive job loss (because these companies bring in many of their own people) is the probability that prices would go up significantly because those companies can't make a profit charging the prices (high as they sometimes seem) that are currently charged. Remember Park SU under the wing of Aramark? That's the main reason that Aramark left Park Student Union last year. Think about this folks. There are other ways to have a Union without having this fee.

Kathy Snowden

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