By Casey Cuny
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 24, 1997

Wildcat led to failure of union referendum


The referendum is over. ASUA lost, and students lost. They lost control over the union, they lost control over their money, they lost the chance for a new union in the reasonable future, they lost the $280,000 a year that would have been set aside for student programs, they lost the chance to keep tuition increases at a minimum - they lost- but the Wildcat won. The Wildcat's bias leaked from the editorial page to the front page, and bias poured on throughout the daily paper. It is truly a shame when there is no other major source of media, and the monopoly decides, unethically, to run an election. Aspiring young Woodwards and Bernsteins in the age of tabloids. I hate to stereotype - but the shoe fits. The Wildcat's stance on the issue was as bold as the ink spelling out "$40 FEE" on the front page for two weeks. We, ASUA, tried in vain to express the truth behind the "$40 FEE" and discuss the referendum democratically. I consider myself a reasonable person, and I consider the majority of people to be of reasonable nature. We examined, toiled, questioned, and voted on a referendum we believed was reasonably the best plan for students. I vehemently believe if we would have spoken with all 4,400 voters, the decision would have been different. We were up against insurmountable odds dealing with the Wildcat and the self-promoting efforts of Jeff Schrade. We will regroup and try again, taking student input and putting together another reasonable plan for students and for the union. I just ask that the Wildcat will use an objective eye in the future and examine the question without choosing an answer. I enjoy reading your editorials but please keep them confined to their appropriate place. Finally, end the group think that has plagued your club - Oh I mean paper.

Casey Cuny
Marketing senior
ASUA Executive Vice President


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