By Brian Kalkbrenner
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 24, 1997

Step outside of 'narrow mind'


I am writing in response to Gabe Smith's letter in the November 21 edition of the wildcat, in which Mr. Smith complains that he is "very sick and tired" of hearing people "whine" about Nike and McDonald's. He first acknowledges Nike's "terrible human rights record," and in response says "So what?" Well, Mr. Smith, have you ever had a job? If so, you've certainly never made less than $4.25 an hour, and you've undoubtedly never had to try to survive on that money alone. You most likely have had your parents to fall back on, and haven't had to worry much about making ends meet. Now, imagine that you have a family to feed, and while you bust your ass for sixty hours a week, you're paid only 30 cents an hour. Imagine telling your hungry children that you can't afford to feed them. Sound like fun? It's a little different than having the silver spoon shoved up your ass since birth, isn't it? The point is, Mr. Smith, that these people have no other choice but to put up with these abuses. They are powerless. However, since we are lucky enough to live in America, we can do something about it. Like it or not, Mr. Smith, you have an obligation to help others, even if it means pulling your sorry ass out of your sheltered existence.

As for McDonald's, your probably right about nearly 100% of people having eaten a hamburger. But the issue here isn't vegetarianism. It's something much larger, and I assume that you won't give a damn until it directly affects you. The rest of your comments about the environment are just plain stupid, so I won't even take the time to respond.

You close by saying that people like me "need to get a life." Well, Mr. Smith, people like me are sacrificing a very small amount so that others might have something resembling a human life. Before you decide to write to the Wildcat again, and let your ignorance so proudly shine, I suggest you think outside of your narrow minded world.

Brian Kalkbrenner
Creative Writing/American Literature Sophomore


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