By Scottie Bricker
Arizona Daily Wildcat
December 1, 1997

Wildcats could learn of bowl berth today

By gaining the mandatory sixth win to be considered for postseason play with its 28-16 victory over Arizona State Friday, the Arizona football team may have played it's way into it's first bowl appearance in three years.

The Insight.com Bowl, formerly the Copper Bowl, has expressed interest in inviting the Wildcats, although the bowl committee must wait to see if it will be allowed to use an at-large selection.

"We cannot take an at-large team if there is a Big 12 (Conference) out there that is eligible," said Insight.com Bowl Football Chairman Howard Volin. "We have asked the Big 12 to have their situation settled by Monday to give us the best opportunity to choose our team."

The Insight.com Bowl is obligated by contract to take a Big 12 team, unless all the eligible teams in that conference are chosen by other bowls or have not won six games against Division I opponents. Five Big 12 teams are bowl eligible and all appear to be headed to other bowls, leaving hope that Arizona will receive a bid.

Nebraska should be on it's way to the Orange Bowl, Kansas State, with the loss by ASU, may well receive an invitation to play in the Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma St. is set to play in the Alamo Bowl, Missouri may play in the Aloha Bowl and Texas A&M should receive an invite to the Holiday Bowl. If those invitations hold, the Wildcats are a likely choice for the committee's at-large selection to play on national television in Arizona Stadium on Dec. 27.

"They are definitely a team on it's way up," said Volin. "We want a team who will help us fill the seats, and a hometown team will certainly help."

The other invitee is determined Saturday. Colorado State and New Mexico play in the Western Athletic Championship and the loser comes to town. Reaction from the Wildcats was unanimous in favor of a bowl appearance.

"Somebody needs to pick us up," said linebacker Chester Burnett. "We've shown we can play with anybody else in the country."

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