By Richard Hutchinson
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 20, 1998

The poor white man

To the Editor:

Poor Eric Clingan ("Got Racism?", Jan. 14). He has the misfortune of belonging to a hated, discriminated-against status group: white men. True, he strikes a whining tone, but who can blame him? Once, white men ran everything - corporations, government, media, you name it. Alas, now that they have been driven from power, they have lost all self-esteem. I suppose Eric will be forming the NAAWM, National Association for the Advancement of White Men, a subsidiary of David Duke's group. And not a moment too soon - those non-white supremacists are pumping out anti-white-men propaganda like a thick fog, with their "pet issue" of affirmative action. For instance, the Rand Corporation, that nest of multiculturalism, reports (quoted in today's New York Times) that

"...American employers are more reluctant to hire blacks than any other ethnic group in the U.S., especially young black men. That's true even when people have comparable credentials, education, comparable work experience and the like." These facts just confuse the issue!

Right on, Eric! Fight for yourself and your fellow underdogs!

Richard Hutchinson,
doctoral candidate in sociology


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