By Barbara Kausen
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 20, 1998

Environmental Worries

To the Editor:

In his Novemeber 24 commentary on the new Memorial Student Union building, President Likins asked the students where we should go from here. I would like to respond to that.

I suggest a functional Student Union built with minimum impact to the environment- a building which would use renewable energy resources and reduce, rather than create, demand for coal-generated electricity. I would be in favor of contributing a reasonable fee for a building which would use passive solar design, proper insulation and orientation, daylighting technology, photovoltiacs, cooling towers and all the other renewable resources we have at hand to harness free energy from the sun.

The money saved from using alternative energy resources could be allocated for future energy efficient buildings. We could look for ways on campus is being wasted and reallocate those energy savings into a building fund for a sustainable future.

Such an effort would provide a learning experience in sustainable building. We could be proud of our effort to reverse global warming and repair ozone damage, and, at the same time help to ensure quality of life for future generations.

Barbara Kausen
Interdisciplinary Studies Junior


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