By Staff Reporters
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 4, 1997

What's Going On

If you were concerned that "The Goonies" had been lost in the 1980s movie revival you 'll want to give thanks to the kids up at the University Activities Board. the epic tales of teens on the cusp of puberty and the search for identity is available to all for $2.50. "The Goonies" plays at the Gallagher Theatre in the Memorial Student Union tonight, Friday and Saturday at midnight.

Recently featured on the Hoodlum movie soundtrack, the R&B group 112 appears to be on the upswing. They make a stop with X 'Cel this Friday at Centennial Hall. Tickets are available at Centennial Hall, Dillard's Box Office and Zia Record Exchange.

And by the by, think about checking out the University of Arizona Art Museum. The museum features two shows: "Memories of Childhood"... So we're not the Cleavers or the Brady Bunch and "Las (In)visibles: Women Artists of Uruguay." Memories features 15 artists impressions of their distinct childhoods, while (In)visibles features art from the Uruguay's 11 years under a dictatorial regime.

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