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Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 6, 1998

Today on Campus

  • It's now becoming common in our society to see same-sex relationships, but is this behavior accepted with animals? Jennifer Terry discusses Gay Animals? from noon to 1:30 p.m. today in the Rincon Room of the Memorial Student Union. The title of today's talk is "Unnatural Acts in Nature: Episodes of Scientific Fascination with Queerness in Animals."

  • Study "The Evolution of Optical Fibers for Telecommunications," with Dave Peckham of Lucent Technologies, Inc., today at 4 p.m. This colloquium will be in the Mathematics building, Room 501.

  • Norm Finkel discusses Law Psychology today at 4. To join this colloquium, head over to Psychology, Room 306.

  • Discuss "The Process" in the T.M. Sundt Design Gallery of the Architecture building this evening at 5. This lecture will cover the works of three dimensional designer J. Max Gottschalk.

  • John Sutton of UC-Santa Barbara, discusses the "Punishment and Politics in European and Anglo-American Democracies." Grab a bite to eat and snack in Social Sciences, Room 415 today at noon.

- compiled by Kate Longworth

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