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Police hunt university-area intruder

By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
August 24, 1998
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Tucson police have yet to identify the man who breaks into university-area homes, molests women and steals from them.

The attacker targeted the area bounded by Ft. Lowell Road to the north, East University Boulevard to the south, Alvernon Way to the east and North Sixth Avenue to the west. He could be responsible for as many as nine reported incidents since May, police said.

The most recent incident, during the first week of August, occurred near the corner of North Stone Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard, according to police.

The molester always targets women, usually when they are alone, by entering their homes through unlocked doors and open windows. Police are not sure how long he has been breaking into homes.

"He could be a student or someone who is aware of school starting," said Tucson Police Lt. Bill Richards. "Timing is an issue."

The attacker strikes at night dressed in dark clothing,making it difficult for detectives to put together a composite sketch.

"It's hard to tell if he is a repeat offender," Richards said. "Only three out of 10 sexual assault crimes are reported."

Kathi Kelley, a Tucson police detective, recommends keeping doors locked and windows closed.

The case is not typical because a large number of incidents have been reported in a short period of time, Kelley said.

Information regarding the crimes should be reported to 791-4939.


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