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UA grad student dies in Sabino Canyon

By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 22, 1999
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The search for a missing University of Arizona graduate student came to a tragic end Friday afternoon when the body of Greg W. Huckins was found in Sabino Canyon.

Huckins, 36, was discovered by a hiker who tipped off the Pima County Sheriffs Department. Sheriff officials had conducted a 23-hour search throughout Thursday night and Friday to find Huckins, who was a UA ecology and evolutionary biology student.

The search, which at times included 18 people, began when Huckins did not keep a Thursday afternoon appointment to pick up a relative.

"The hiker (who located Huckins' body) was about nine miles into the canyon when he found him," said Pima County Sheriffs Department Sgt. Brad Foust. "He contacted authorities in Summerhaven."

Arizona Department of Public Safety officials flew a helicopter over the area and saw the body, but could not land due to high winds. Search and Rescue deputies hiked into the area to recover the corpse.

Huckins' body showed no visible signs of struggle, Foust said, and was found one mile north of Hutches Pool.

"There were no signs of trauma to the body," he said. "He had a history of depression, and we're not ruling out suicide."

Foust said he believed there was no foul play involved in Huckins' death.

Huckins' wife, Katrina Barnum-Huckins, said he went out Thursday to "go for a hike." Sheriffs officials reported that Huckins left a note at his house indicating that he was going to hike in Sabino Canyon.

Barnum-Huckins said she did not know what happened to her husband and she wanted to wait until the autopsy before making any conclusions.

"He just went out to enjoy the day," she said.