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Skaters are practicing safe entertainment, not creating violence

By Stacie Hudgens
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 23, 1999
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To the editor,

It is so absurd that the university is concerned with "chipped paint" and "dirty walls," rather than the situation surrounding youth in our community. We are willing to tolerate belligerent mall preachers but are intolerant of kids skating around campus.

These kids should be applauded for their effort to find other forms of entertainment rather than drugs or gangs. Rather than reinforce that, we take it away?

It should be noted that some skaters will see this as a challenge and end up getting hurt, therefore, making the bookstore liable. These knobs are aesthetically displeasing and extremely dangerous for kids we know "live without fear."

The sanctuary of education is not at jeopardy by letting some kids skate around, but somewhere in the developmental process, the powers that be forgot what it meant to have fun. The bookstore needs to keep in mind that the kids they are punishing today are the UA students of tomorrow.

Stacie Hudgens
Research specialist