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Wallace should stick with creative writing

By Mark Johnson
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 23, 1999
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To the editor,

Who is the self-important imbecile? Mr. Wallace, obviously you are!

Writing a letter to the Wildcat with the purpose of defamation of character shows a total lack of journalistic integrity. Are you so concerned with your own inadequacies that you must continuously slander and bash others? I think so! Your use of tabloid journalism is absolutely pathetic. Maybe you should send a letter to the Enquirer.

Your lack of knowledge of ASUA may be a key reason that the majority of your commentary is incorrect. For the record, Viviane Safrin is not running for Executive Vice President, Ben Graff is. Viviane Safrin happens to be running for Administrative Vice President. The two positions are extremely different. You probably haven't a clue what they do!

The second blatant disregard of truth is when you state, "Its brutal punishment? Ms. Safrin must wait an entire week before she can begin her campaign." Once again, you are wrong. Ms. Safrin's punishment is as follows, she received a $25 fine and is not permitted to hang banners anywhere.

Instead of calling Mr. Rosensteel and Ms. Safrin "cheaters," try scrutinizing yourself by the same standards. You are cheating the daily readers of the one-sided Wildcat of any notion of truth.

My advice, stick with your creative writing major; fiction appears to be your strength. Good luck with your future fairy tales!

Mark Johnson
Accounting senior