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Police Beat

By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 26, 1999
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A university employee called police Wednesday night because she believed someone was accessing pornographic websites on her office computers, police reports stated.

The staff member told police the computers in Harvill building room 137, were accessed without her permission "at least between 7 p.m. Monday and 10:40 p.m. Wednesday."

Police went with the staff member to Harvill, 1103 E. Second St., and found a custodial employee using a computer in the office, reports stated.

The custodian told police he used the computer "mainly for games," but admitted to accessing porn sites as well, reports stated.

The employee told police she did not want to press charges, but wanted the custodian's supervisor to be notified.

The custodian told police another janitor had also used a computer. Police contacted the other custodian, who admitted to using the computer, reports stated.

Police told the janitor's supervisor about the incidents, reports stated. No arrests were made.

A Parking and Transportation Services employee called police Wednesday afternoon to report that a car had rolled out of a parking spot and on to the sidewalk, police reports stated.

The employee told police a black Ford Mustang was parked on the first level of the Main Gate parking garage, 815 E. Second St., when it rolled out of the spot and into a sign, reports stated.

Another Parking and Transportation employee found the misplaced Mustang at 1:08 p.m.

The car's side mirror was ripped off and there was other damage as well, reports stated.

The car was later removed by the owner.

A Tucson woman called police Wednesday afternoon after her daughter told her that their red Chevrolet had been damaged in a UA parking lot.

The woman said her daughter drove the car to school that day and parked it in a lot near East First Street and North Forgeus Avenue. When she returned, she found damage to the front fender and a note on the windshield stating "please call shuttle supervisors and UAPD," police reports stated.

An employee at Parking and Transportation Services told police she had not heard anything about a shuttle driver involved in an accident and said she did not know who was driving the shuttle, reports stated.

Police said they would look in to the incident.

An officer found a blue backpack Wednesday afternoon, but had a difficult time returning it, police reports stated.

The bag was found on the fourth floor of the Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., at 3:21 a.m.

The officer went to the owner's home and waited by the apartment gates while a UAPD dispatch worker called and told her the officer was waiting.

The woman refused to meet the officer because she was "skeptical a cop would bring property to her at such an early hour," reports stated.

The officer called the woman when he returned to headquarters at 4:50 a.m.

The woman told police her bag was stolen from an office in the Arizona Cancer Center, 1515 N. Campbell Ave. the previous afternoon.

She told the officer the eyeglass case, black purse and broken Sanyo stereo found in the bag were not hers, reports stated.

An employee called police Monday afternoon to report her cell phone, two blank checks and $80 were stolen from her purse, police reports stated.

The staff member told police she left her office in the English as a Second Language building, 1100 E. Second St., at 2 p.m. She returned at 3 p.m. to find her backpack moved and her items gone, reports stated.

The employee called the bank and discovered one of the stolen checks was cashed in the amount of $250. The suspect took the check to the Bank One, 947 N. Park Ave., reports stated.

The staff member told police her co-worker saw a man looking around her desk. When the co-worker confronted the man, he told her he was looking for a professor, reports stated.

The co-worker said the professor was teaching a class. The man said he would leave a note for the professor, reports stated.

The co-worker kept the note and said she would turn it in to UAPD.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.