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Easton part of the Religious Reich legislating bigotry

By James Ru
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 26, 1999
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To the editor,

Michael Easton's commentary about homosexuality reveal a smug authority often found in the heterosexist. So I challenge you Easton. Answer me these questions.

1. Where did Our Lord Jesus Christ mention homosexuality?

2. How many times has Rep. Karen Johnson been married?

You say that you don't know what all the fury is about and that your religious beliefs in no way dictate my life. What rock have you been living under? For the past 20 years, the Religious Reich has made every effort to legislate bigotry into law in the name of their religious beliefs. And you're just part of the chorus.

Christians with a bloodthirsty political agenda promote the rise of violence against gays and lesbians. It has also bitterly divided the Christian community, who want to accept gays and lesbians, but fear the likes of zealots like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Karen Johnson and their ilk, who seek power and money at all costs, in the name of Christian morality.

Your article conveniently fails to mention the endless hate that spews out of Johnson's mouth against gays and lesbians. She pounds the Bible, and shouts insults, all the while cloaking herself as the defender of the family.

First of all, Jesus is about love and grace and Johnson knows neither. Secondly, this woman has been around the block a few times. Next time you write an article, fill in the details.

Rep. May called her a liar and even the briefest research of her career will confirm it. And she is an adulterer, using her own code of Biblical conduct. Archaic and medieval are kind terms. Fascist religious zealot in a seat of power is much scarier and true.

If you are a Christian Mr. Easton, then take a walk in my shoes. You can stand in ignorance and claim that gay people are just whining. It's easy to cast judgments when it's not you being beaten up, fired, threatened, or otherwise coerced. It's easy to blame the victim. It's a little more difficult to do some research, get out and meet some gay people, and find out about injustice. Find out about love and compassion.

It just might shake that comfortable little world of yours.

Jesus reached his hand out to those who are marginal, not to change them, but to use them as examples of God's diverse love. And while he never mentions homosexuality, he says a lot about smug hypocrites and greed. Praise Jesus.

James Ru

Tucson resident