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Homophobia not part of the Bible

By Andy Crockett
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 26, 1999
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To the editor,

Michael Easton argues that those bothered by advocates of House bill 2524 and homophobes in general are themselves phobic, never mind that he needs endorsement from "the good Lord" to feel secure in his convictions.

From what I understand, one reason gays are upset over this bill refusing state benefits to unmarried couples, is that the rhetoric of the bill's main proponent, Karen Johnson, is discriminatory and reactionary. Coming from one with the power to make policy, such a "disagreement" indeed smacks of "dictating morality."

Where oh where in these sanctimonious religious diatribes is the Lord of compassion (not that gays require it), love, acceptance? How are young scholars like Easton so expert at finding 1990s sexual "lifestyle" directives in the fables and highly metaphoric teachings of an historical Jesus who stressed respect and honor of difference?

Andy Crockett

University of Arizona alumnus