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Walk a mile in their shoes

By Alison Pyle
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 26, 1999
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To the editor,

Michael Easton, you don't see how legislation can dictate morality? Let me try and clear it up for you. By protecting the rights of an individual, and especially immutable characteristics of an individual, means securing legally advantages given to what you call the "standard." You may not agree with homosexuality, you may think it is sinful and immoral, but regardless of your opinion, homosexual couples should receive the same benefits as heterosexual couples. Anything less is blatant discrimination based on sexual orientation

I'm not completely familiar with the legislation at hand but I think the real issue is that homosexual couples cannot legally marry and this is the only other avenue of receiving benefits afforded presently to only heterosexual couples.

Put yourself in the shoes of a homosexual and tell me what's legally fair and unfair. Tell me how you are discriminated against, how you can't marry and receive tax breaks even though you are in a monogamous relationship, how you can't adopt children.

Tell me what you want from life, to work and have a family and be happy just like everyone else. Now tell me how you justify denying homosexuals their right to thepursuit of happiness? (Please don't quote the Bible, insert your own ideas here).

Alison Pyle

Systems engineering senior