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Retired UA prof gives $5,000 for Clinton defense

By Tate Williams
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 1, 1999
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A retired UA professor last year made the largest donation by any Arizonan to President Clinton's legal defense fund.

Former anthropology professor Richard Diebold gave $5,000 to the Clinton Legal Expense Trust, and said he intends to donate more this year.

"I don't think public officials should be caught with multi-million dollar legal expenses," he said.

Diebold said he holds the same opinion as many Americans - that the legal proceedings Clinton faced were unnecessary. He added that the only distinction was that he decided to give money to the cause.

Arizonans donated almost $40,000 to the trust, with more than 500 people from the state helping to pay the estimated $10 million in fees.

National contributions to help the president and first lady have reached more than $4.5 million.