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Dress in Red

By Chris Jackson
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 4, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Chris Jackson

This Saturday marks the final game Jason Terry and A.J. Bramlett will play for the Wildcats at McKale Center. It's against the team that personifies arrogance, UCLA, and will be televised nationally on ABC.

So what better time for the fans to show just how much they support this time by turning McKale into a sea of red. A promotion called "Red Siege" is in force, and for once it's time to join the crowd.

Every fan attending Saturday's game should be in red. Show ABC. Show the country. Show them that McKale can be an intimidating place to play.

Sure, Arizona has a great record on its home floor, but other teams fear the Wildcats, not the building they play in.

No matter how bad a team Duke or New Mexico has, Cameron Indoor Arena and The Pit are feared. They are arenas that have taken on a life of their own, just as menacing as anything Lute Olson has ever sent onto the floor.

McKale is not feared. It's about time that it was.

Since whining about the need for more student tickets will only fall upon deaf ears of an athletic department more concerned with the bottom line, it's time for all of Arizona's fans to step up.

They did against Stanford Jan. 28, yelling louder than ever before and ending the upset victory with the perfect topping by storming the court.

It's unlikely the fans will rush the floor this time around. Sure, no one in Tucson likes the Bruins, but at best a victory will only guarantee the Wildcats a No. 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament, not something to get that nuts over.

Richard Jefferson is said to have had a now-legendary quote during a recruiting trip about the fans at McKale. "Man, do they serve prune juice here?" he asked. Now while that may be true, even the older fans can burn their vocal cords out. They do it in Albuquerque. They do it in Durham. They can do it in Tucson.

It's time to scream, to yell, but to do it in the manner befitting this university and the people attending it. Be loud, but be nice. Make a scene, but don't break any of those laws of decorum and such.

Most of all, just wear a lot of red. Drown the Bruins in it. Make Dick Vitale talk about something other than how much he loves Terry and UCLA's Baron Davis.

On second thought, maybe making Vitale talk at all would be a bad thing.

Ah, hell, let it go this time.

Send JT and A.J. out in a way they'll always remember.

And finally earn the title of Sixth Man.

It's up to you, fans.

Good luck.

Chris Jackson is the Wildcat sports editor and a senior majoring in journalism. He can be reached at