Financial Times Fall 98

Alumnus bumps pledge to $50 million
James E. Rogers knows the meaning of "pro bono."

Merit-based system looks at big picture
UA professors may not get apples for being good teachers but could earn a hefty bonus under a new set of merit pay guidelines.

Student group plans to keep eyes on Nike
UA football coach Dick Tomey and some of his players appeared upbeat yesterday as they donned the Nike "swoosh" at McKale Center.

Wnek could bring desert swarm back to Arizona
A word to the offenses in the Pacific 10 Conference, look out for No. 91 with the big A on his helmet.

Stuck between greatness and mediocrity
Second tier, such is our university. The latest edition of the controversial U.S. News & World Report college rankings was released just over a week ago and again the UA missed being a part of the illustrious first tier of universities.

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