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Sexual assault rumors false

By Harry R. Hueston, II
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 10, 1998
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To the editor,

I would like to take a moment to address a concern that has been brought to the attention of the University of Arizona Police Department over the past several days. There are rumors circulating among the campus community that there have been a number of sexual assaults (rapes) on this campus since the beginning of the semester. These rumors are false.

As of today's date, there have been no reported sexual assaults and only one attempted sexual assault to UAPD for 1998. The one attempted sexual assault occurred early in the year, near Sixth Street and Highland, when an unknown male grabbed a woman while she was walking.

I believe that the information that is being circulated is based upon a report printed in the Arizona Daily Wildcat about a week ago, concerning a man who is being sought by the Tucson Police Department. These incidents have occurred off campus, and have not involved any of our residence halls, fraternities or sororities.

Please be assured that should a series of crimes, such as sexual assaults occur on this campus, the University of Arizona Police Department would alert the public through various means including, posters, letters, web-site and the media.

Harry R. Hueston, II

Chief of Police

Financial Times Fall 98