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ASUA has much to offer

By Cory Shapiro
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 10, 1998
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To the editor,

In response to Scott Schulz's column in last Thursday's Wildcat ("Sleeping through the Alarm"), ASUA offers more to the student body than Mr. Schulz's column claims. According to the column, "ASUA has done little to bring this campus together." I would personally like to invite everyone to come up to ASUA and take a look for yourselves and see all the work that gets done. You may be surprised and even want to get involved.

Mr. Schulz asks, "How many campus-wide events has the ASUA put on besides Spring Fling?" Over the past few years, ASUA has been working hard to bring more campus-wide events to the campus community. For instance, last year CatFest, a campus-wide welcome event, was created. CatFest has united the efforts of many groups on this campus from ASUA to the Residence Hall Association, to the University Activities Board, to Greek Life, to KAMP Student Radio and to all of the other clubs and organizations that has taken part in the Club Fair during the event. And the list goes on...

ASUA does a great deal to bring this campus together. Feel free to come up to the ASUA office and get involved - share your ideas, help plan the events, see what is going on in the office in your own eyes. There really is much to be involved with up at ASUA.

Cory Shapiro

ASUA Special Events Director

Financial Times Fall 98