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Open discussion doesn't mean burning paper

By Laura Sharp
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 11, 1998
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To the editor,

I would like to comment on the letter that Scott Plumee wrote to the Wildcat on Tuesday. I hope that Mr. Plumee wasn't being serious when he suggested that we "gather on the Mall for the express purpose of burning this insidious paper."

I can see how Jeremy Olson's cartoon could be misleading. After all, the word "Homo" was used. However, I don't think that Olson was gay bashing and I will have to agree with those who saw it as a social commentary. As for "Wolf and Pig" I didn't see this as bashing women, let alone lower class women. I was not offended by EITHER of these cartoons.

I am concerned that there was even a suggestion to burn the paper in protest. This is supposed to be a place of higher learning. The student body should be mature and intelligent enough not to revert to Nazi techniques of burning books in order to be rid of "offensive" material.

Yes Scott, we want a free campus, but in order to have that, we must have tolerance!

Laura Sharp

Music education sophomore

Financial Times Fall 98