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Likins should not have given in

By Patricia Eslinger
Arizona Daily Wildcat
May 4, 1999
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To the editor,

I've been following the sweatshop protests, an over-reaction really, that ended in its tenth day Friday. I was quite disappointed that Dr. Likins finally gave in to the protesters. By signing this document Dr. Likins has essentially said he and the rest of the University of Arizona are just as naive as those that were protesting.

I could understand sitting outside an office for over a week if the people they were trying to protect lived in this country, or a similar country of economic status. Nike and other sports apparel companies (Reebok is a similar case) set up factories in Asia, for instance, because of low costs. When they do set up shop, there are standards each company must meet pertaining to human rights. Compared to the United States, these standards are quite low. In Vietnam, though, working in a Nike factory is the best job one can get. The wages are the highest around and often times the company will provide housing for the employees.

Yes, the conditions inside the factory are a little less than comfortable and these people don't get benefits, but it is a third world nation. These countries are in the process of

developing and can take care of themselves.

I was impressed that the protest actually worked but disappointed that the representatives of our university wimped out on us. How about going to D.C. and sitting outside of the White House to protest the bombing of Yugoslavia or something?

Patricia Eslinger
Management information systems senior