UA scrambles to find freshman housing
In the wake of University of Arizona President Peter Likins' killing a plan to purchase Casa Feliz Apartments, 1201 E. Drachman St., officials may have to resort to temporary housing for students guaranteed a room.

Summer ball
"The biggest thing is getting ready for our season," senior wide receiver Dennis Northcutt said. "Each individual has their own personal goals to get ready for the fall."

Ten Commandments should be kept in church, not school
House Speaker Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) led 287 of his colleagues to approve a bill that essentially negates the wishes of America's founding fathers and disrespects our religious freedom. "One of the commandments is 'Thou shalt not kill'...that's a good message," Hastert told the Associated Press.

Do you frequent Mt. Lemmon at least once a year?

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Sunny throughout the week with highs breaking 110, lows around 75. A slight cloud cover can be expected on Independence Day.

Do good for good is good to do, spurn bribe of heaven and threat of hell. Haji Abdu Al-Yezdi

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