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Gonzalez says he will skip game

Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 7, 1999
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Texas Rangers' right fielder Juan Gonzalez, last year's MVP of the American League, said that he will not participate in this year's All-Star Game due to frustration with the fan voting.

Gonzalez, who also was the American League's MVP in 1996, is disgusted with the fact that he was not selected by the fans as one of the three starters for the American League team, and finished fifth in the voting behind Cleveland's Dave Justice.

American League manager Joe Torre has accepted Gonzalez's request to forgo the game and therefore will not select him as a reserve for the AL team, but that doesn't mean he agrees with Gonzalez's decision.

"It's a shame," Torre said Sunday before his New York Yankees played the Baltimore Orioles. "I think it is an honor, and if not honored, they should be obligated."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.