Cave dwelling
If tight, dark spaces that smell strongly of bat guano seem attractive, Colossal Cave's ladder tour is the perfect summer escape. About 30 minutes from the University of Arizona campus, Colossal Cave is a cool, if musty, 70 degrees year round.

A taste of Japan
Arizona junior shortstop Keoni DeRenne, along with UA teammates Ben Diggins and Shelley Duncan, traveled with the U.S. national team to play the Japanese national team overseas from June 21-July 1. While the Americans didn't fare too well, going 0-5, DeRenne kept a diary of the team's trip through Japan - his and his teammates' first visit to that country.

Editorial: Vengeful Michigan officials only embarrassing themselves
His patients suffered from diseases that wouldn't allow them to walk, talk or swallow. They wore diapers because of incontinence. Many were bed-ridden from prolonged debilitating illnesses. Others had cancer, and could feel their internal organs melting away.

Do you believe in the Right Bear Arms?

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Today: Mostly cloudy all week, with afternoon showers expected today through Saturday. Highs will reach the upper 90s with evening lows dropping near 70.

"This crash was completely preventable. It was not an accident like many other crashes are. It was a crime."
Katherine Fernandez Rundle, state attorney for Miami-Dade County, after a federal grand jury charged SabreTech Inc., an airline maintenance company with murder in connection to the 1996 ValuJet crash.

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