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Police have 'strong suspect' in grad student hit-and-run

By Tate Williams
Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 28, 1999
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Arizona Summer Wildcat

Pima County sheriff's investigators pinpointed a suspect in the hit-and-run killing of a UA graduate student but have yet to make an arrest, a spokesman said last night.

Martha Grinder was jogging with her infant daughter July 14 along the southbound lane of North Freeman Road at East Speedway Boulevard, when she was struck by a vehicle.

Grinder died from her injuries on July 16. She was 31.

Her 9-month-old daughter, Rollie Marie, left University Medical Center the following Monday in good condition.

"We have a strong suspect in the case," said Sgt. Brad Foust, a sheriff's spokesman. "We are pursuing that angle in the investigation."

Foust said he could not comment any further about the investigation.

Grinder was involved with the wildlife and fisheries resources program in the University of Arizona College of Agriculture. She was researching coyotes in the Tucson area and also worked as a teaching assistant.

Grinder was scheduled to defend her doctoral dissertation this week, and she will receive her degree posthumously because all course requirements were met.