Forum on religion sparks discussion of spirituality
While many University of Arizona students don't think of themselves as religious, they do believe in a higher power.

UA opens first home game against struggling Iowa
Iowa football head coach Hayden Fry doesn't mince his words. When asked to analyze the Arizona football team, Fry went straight to the point. "Two of the best quarterbacks in the nation," he said. "Great speed at wide receiver positions. Their defense is very unusual and very impressive. Going there with the team we have, we are in trouble."

The relentless pursuit of reception
I was an abused child. My parents treated me with an intentional cruelty that has warped my adult life. But it's not what you're thinking. They didn't treat me in the usual horrible ways of abusive parents. No physical or mental mistreatment of any kind, thankfully.

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The low down: CatCalls.

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Today's weather anyone?

Evaluate the following:
'I am sick of the Starr report.'

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