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By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 22, 1998
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A student told university police he was bitten on the hand Sunday morning after he attempted to remove an unwanted guest from a party.

The victim called university police from the University Medical Center emergency room at 4:14 a.m. and told them he was helping his fellow fraternity brothers clean up after a party at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house, 1509 E. Second St., when he saw a friend of his get into an argument about 3:30 a.m. with a man who refused to leave, police reports stated.

The unidentified man then took a swing at the victim's friend and missed. The victim told police he grabbed the man from behind to try to calm him down and remove him from the house.

The man then said, "No one grabs me," and bit the victim on the right hand, just below his thumb, reports stated.

The unwanted guest then left. The victim told police he didn't know the man and neither did anyone else at the party.

The victim told police the man appeared to be in his mid-20s and he would be able to assist police in creating a composite sketch, reports stated.

The victim's injury was minor and doctors gave him a prescription of antibiotics, reports stated.

A university police officer had to split two roommates Sunday night after he received a complaint about harassment and watched them argue with each other.

The officer went to La Paz Residence Hall, 602 N. Highland Ave., at 10:44 p.m. in response to the resident's complaint. She told the officer her roommate had been calling her and saying offensive things like, "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" police reports stated.

The student told police her roommate had been gone for several hours and the calls began around 10:30 p.m.

She then told police her roommate was never nice to her and that she was a "mean" person. She also said she had already put her name on a list so she could get a new roommate, reports stated.

Soon after the officer arrived and spoke with the resident, her roommate came home. They began to argue until the officer told them to calm down and be quiet. The roommates began to argue again minutes later.

The officer decided to separate them for the night and advised the resident assistant on duty to speed up the process of switching roommates, reports stated.

An off-duty police officer called dispatchers early Saturday after catching a Tucson man urinating on a sidewalk next to a car parked at East Lowell Street and North Santa Rita Road.

The officer reported hearing a woman in the car say, "Get in the car." The man responded, "Shut up," police reports stated.

The officer decided to call university police at 1:08 a.m. because the woman's speech was slurred.

Upon arrival, a university police officer saw a large wet spot on the cement. He asked the man, who was still standing outside of the car, what was on the ground. The man told police, "Oh, that's where I pissed," reports stated.

The officer then cited the man, Maximilian J. Pex, 33, of the 5600 block of North Moccasin Place, on suspicion of urinating in public.

The driver of the car, Mary Terese Fotinos, 39, of the 5100 block of St. Andrews Street, had to lean on the side of the car while she stepped out of the vehicle, reports stated.

The officer decided to take Fotinos to police headquarters after conducting tests and deciding she was not in the condition to drive.

Fotinos' blood alcohol content was tested at .145 and .155. She was then cited on suspicion of drunken driving and drunken driving with a BAC greater than .10. Her driver license was suspended for 90 days, reports stated.

Fotinos then told the officer she wanted to take a cab home, so he called a cab for her. When the officer told her she would have to wait about 20 minutes for the cab, Fotinos said she couldn't wait that long because she had to be to work at 6 a.m., reports stated.

The officer then allowed Fotinos to call a friend for a ride. Fotinos then told the officer she was cold, so they went outside to wait for her ride.

While sitting outside, Fotinos asked the officer why he had canceled the cab. The officer told her he did because she had called a friend. Fotinos then said, "What if they don't show up?" reports stated.

The officer then went back into the building and called another cab. When he returned, Fotinos was gone. Police were unable to locate her, but her car was still parked where she left it.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.