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  • UCLA remains leader of the Pac
    by Chris Jackson

  • Positive thinking leads to positive results for Elam
    by Kate Longworth

  • Anyone else not miss the NBA?
    by Chris Jackson

  • Staff picks
    by ads

    From Wednesday September 30th, 1998

    Editor's note: A production error caused yesterday's sports stories to be excluded from the website. They have been recovered, and are listed below.

  • Rafell Jones prepped to step up
    by Dan Rosen

  • Cats ready for Husky defense
    by Chris Jackson

  • Mac's gone, bring on the playoffs
    by Bryan Rosenbaum

  • In-season jobs not practical for most athletes
    by Arlie Rahn

  • Cross country teams rest, wait for NCAA Invitational
    by Mike Jenkins

  • Walk-on fullback moves toward the limelight
    by Chris Jackson