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Monday letter goes "nuts over nothing"

By Andy Myers
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 13, 1998
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To the editor,

I have been a member of the " UA community" only since the beginning of the year, but already I have noticed a disturbing trend. When the Bug and Bee cartoon was officially denounced by ASUA on behalf of people who aren't intelligent enough to recognize what the cartoonist was trying to say, I did not write a letter. Recently, when a person wasted ASUA's valuable time (which they usually spend deciding to throw away $20,000 of UA money) by misinterpreting yet another cartoon as an attack on the blind, I still did not write a letter.

These examples show respect for self-expression has deteriorated. Instead of trying to figure out what might have been meant, or having a sense of humor about things, people seem to be LOOKING for things to be offended about.

Thus, I am writing in response to the letter to the editor in Monday's Wildcat that denounced the Family Weekend supplement "Campus of Earthly Delights."

First, the writer evokes our horror by pointing out that the cover depicts "sexual acts" on campus. Sexual acts?? In college?!?, you must be kidding, Mr. Romano!

Then he further musters our outrage by saying that the cover portrayed a keg AND a bong. Once again, I assure you that this is a TOTALLY UNREALISTIC depiction of the parties I have been to on the weekends. (Before the organization against the misrepresentation of keggers gets outraged, I would like to point out that was sarcasm.)

Mr. Romano is even apparently outraged at the title "Campus of Earthly Delights." Maybe it should have been "Really Oversensitive Campus," and depicted people like him going nuts over nothing. We have to remember that parents at one point MUST have engaged in some type of earthly delights or we wouldn't be here.

I haven't heard of any parents getting outraged at the cover, just you. Maybe they developed a sense of humor some time along the way and you didn't.

In closing Mr. Romano, I suggest an apology is in order to the entire UA community for your lack of humor and understanding. Please respect the right of the students to be entertained a little once and a while and give our newspaper readers the sense of humor they deserve.

Andy Myers
History freshman