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By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 24, 1998
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A student called university police Sunday evening after he found a dead deer on his porch, police reports stated.

The officer went to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, 1801 E. First St., at 6:55 p.m. to investigate.

Police spoke with the reporting resident, who told the officer he had opened the south side door of the house and found the deer on the door step, reports stated.

Police examined the animal and found no bullet holes or severe damage, but did find blood coming from the mouth and nose, reports stated.

Photos were taken of the animal and placed into evidence.

Police contacted the Arizona Department of Game and Fish and asked them to come and get the deer. The employee refused and said it was the responsibility of the residents to dispose of the animal, reports stated.

A student was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting, providing false information to police and possession of fake identification Friday evening after an employee saw her put merchandise into her purse, police reports stated.

Police went to University Drug Co., 943 E. University Blvd., at 6 p.m. and found Lee Merine Baker, 18, of Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., detained by the reporting employee.

According to reports, Baker told police she went into the store to buy a bottle of nail polish remover, Chap Stick and a box of Correctol laxatives. Baker told the officer she was embarrassed to buy the laxatives, so she put the box in her purse and took the nail polish remover and Chap Stick to the register to pay, reports stated.

Baker told police she had no identification in her possession. The officer went to search her purse, but Baker grabbed it and pulled out a pair of women's underwear. She told police she didn't want them to see the underwear. The officer told her he had to check it for anything illegal, reports stated.

Police found Mississippi and Maryland drivers licenses inside the underwear.

According to reports, the Maryland drivers license was valid, but the Mississippi one was not.

Baker admitted to police she had paid someone $40 to make the fake Mississippi identification, reports stated.

Baker was taken to Pima County Jail where she was released by Pre-trial services.

Police investigated a fight early Saturday morning after a male student was beaten and taken to University Medical Center.

According to police reports, officers went to the corner of East First Street and North Mountain Avenue at 12:12 a.m., where they were flagged down by a witness to the fight.

The witness told police he saw the fight and tried to help the victim. He said he saw three men involved - two who kicked and punched the student and a third who tried to stop the fight, reports stated.

The witness told police he was a firefighter, and he tried to treat the wounded student, but he refused medical attention and got into a car with a woman, reports stated.

The witness also told police he heard one of the women say she was going to take him to UMC.

Another student and resident of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, 1035 N. Mountain Ave., told police the injured student had attended a formal dinner at the sorority house and he had "gotten out of hand," reports stated.

According to reports, the student had been caught using cocaine in the bathroom of the sorority by a member of the hired security team and was then kicked out of the party.

The resident of the sorority told police the student had been very drunk. She told police she did not see the fight occur but thought she knew who might have been responsible, reports stated.

Another officer went to UMC to check on the injured student and found him in the back seat of the car. He had vomited on himself and was semi-conscious, reports stated.

UMC staff found a few lumps on his head and conducted a CAT scan.

The wounded student was unable to give details about the incident, but said he wanted to press charges, reports stated.

The student's girlfriend told police she was walking home with her boyfriend near the parking lot of the Hillel Foundation, 1245 E. Second St., when three men approached them.

According to reports, she was pushed aside, fell down and got up to try and stop the fight. The men punched the student in the face until he fell down and then kicked him in the face and chest.

She told police she took him to UMC because he was badly injured.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.