Comets contain life's building blocks, says one UA astronomer
Life would be impossible on Earth or any other planet without the organic material found inside comets, a noted comet hunter said yesterday. "Comets collided with Earth that carried organic materials from space," David Levy, science editor for Parade magazine, told a crowd of about 50 yesterday at Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium. "The way that things work in our universe - without comets the Earth was not hospitable." In his speech, "SETI and the Building Blocks of Life," Levy said when comets penetrate a planet's atmosphere, they bring gases and materials necessary for life, such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.

Online voting may be a click away for ASUA
Electing UA's future student body presidents may be a mouse-click away. ASUA President Tara Taylor said yesterday she plans to investigate the possibility of online ballots for future elections - maybe for use in February's election. "It (electronic voting) would definitely have an impact," said Taylor, who came up with the idea after noting a higher voter turnout at Stanford University, which offers the online system. "I'd rather vote online." About 10 percent of UA students vote "on a good day," where 62 percent of Stanford undergraduates participated in last year's election, Taylor said. The number of students who voted in Stanford's last election out-numbered those at the University of Arizona by about 2,000, though the UA had about 16,400 more eligible voters than the private school.

UA Rose Bowl trip would benefit ASU
Financially speaking, it would be better for Arizona State to lose to Arizona Friday. Each Pacific 10 Conference team would make more money if Arizona goes to the Rose Bowl than if the Wildcats lose to ASU and play in the Holiday Bowl. "In reality, the Pac-10 Conference gets all of the bowl money and it gets split equally between the 10 teams," said ASU associate athletic director Herman Frazier, also a Fiesta Bowl selection committee member. "The teams that actually play in the bowls don't get any more money than the other teams in the conference." If Arizona and UCLA make bowl appearances, each Pac-10 team would receive more money. "It would be almost like an extra Rose Bowl bid if Arizona went to the Rose Bowl and UCLA went to the Fiesta Bowl," Frazier said.

The campus that parties together
Prepare yourselves for a shocking reversal of opinion: Yeah, the Greek system is OK. Recently, there's been a lot of vitriolic mail in the Wildcat about Tara Taylor's incompetence, which I've already weighed in on, however, a lot of these commentaries seem to focus on her membership in the Greek society here at UA. There's no doubt that our campus is deeply divided on the issue of the Greek system - generally people in the ResLife program hate the entire Greek world and the Greeks protest that they're unjustly persecuted.

Would you be more likely to vote if ASUA elections were held online?

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