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What if a minority got shot in "Billy"

By Mark Rasdorf
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 1, 1998
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To the editor,

While I respect the rights guaranteed to us in the First Amendment, I question the judgment involved in running today's "Looking for Billy" in your cartoon section.

To say that this cartoon is offensive is an understatement. It trivializes a frightening problem in our world today: violence directed at the gay community.

For it to appear in the Wildcat, and thereby receive an even passive endorsement of the views expressed, is beyond my comprehension.

If the sentiment expressed were targeted to a specific racial group or religious organization, I am certain that no one at the paper would have allowed this piece to run. That it targets the gay population is further evidence of how far this society must come in valuing ALL members of the community.

I work for this university with the hope and belief that we do indeed value diversity in all forms.

I hope that everyone at the Wildcat would seriously reconsider running such offensive material in the future.

Mark Rasdorf

Director of Communications


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