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Stop the bickering in RHA

By Ahmad Saad Nasim
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 28, 1999
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To the editor,

We need RHA to focus back on the halls, back on Spring Fling, back on the dance, back on hiking at Sabino. We are just a club on campus! We are here to build a community not destroy one. If the constitution is messed up, then we better change it. I say that we give the president a "Battle Station clause."

The clause is: If the president needs a check to be approved for an RHA program, but there is no meeting with E-board for the next ten days, then the president of the RHA has executive privilege to approve the check.

There is no cancer in RHA but rather a small FLU, and most of us who are confused are using OPEN HEART SURGERY to remove a flu. Let's put the matter behind us, and move on to our plans of completing all goals now!

If we don't put this matter behind us, then war will break out, and we might have to create a whole new club. But it will not come to that point, so we better use common sense. Thanks.

Ahmad Saad Nasim
Molecular and cellular biology and German studies senior