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Having Greeks in the senate does not equal diversity

By Nicole Kukowski
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 29, 1999
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To the editor,

I could not believe my eyes when I read Dan Cassino's commentary on diversity in the senate. Greek houses nominating a representative to the senate because they are "the best and brightest among us?"

Give me a break, they're also the richest. I'm sure there are good leaders in Greek life, but by supporting your idea, the senate would be compiled of only one type of student we have here on campus, the exact opposite of diversity.

There are many leaders involved in clubs and various religious organizations on campus. By opening elections these are the people that can get involved in ASUA; this is diversity.

I had a 3.8 G.P.A last semester, hold a very involved leadership position at the Newman Center, enjoy volunteer work, and I am not involved in a sorority.

Please open your mind, a real leader doesn't exclude outsiders.

Nicole Kukowski
Anthropology junior